LeadersLikeHer is a social web platform where highly qualified women from industry, academia and public organizations can interact and support each other to better achieve their career goals. The vision behind LeadersLikeHer is to create a social network, where the next generation of ambitious women is empowered to succeed by the example, support and mentoring of today’s leaders. The members of the network can share ideas, useful information (e.g., in form of blogs) and news, organize events, and build groups for members with similar interests.

In collaboration with various partners, LeadersLikeHer aims to provide benefits and support for its members concerning career planning and other challenges of everyday life.

Public, private organizations and recruiters can subscribe to LeadersLikeHer against a monthly or yearly fee and use LeadersLikeHer as a platform to present themselves and to post interesting career opportunities and open positions.