A short portrait of Anna Belardinelli

  • Anna Belardinelli is a Postdoc researcher at the University of Tübingen in the Cognitive Modeling Group. In her research, she investigates the cognitive processes which support eye-hand coordination and object manipulation.



    LeadersLikeHer: What do you love about your work?


    Anna Belardinelli: I love the intellectual stimulation of investigating interesting questions and the challenge to solve problems even with little resources. Of course that's not always 100% of the time, but it leads to very creative work. I also enjoy discussions with other researchers, exchanging ideas with other people, getting them involved in what I do, and in turn getting inspired by others' work.



    LeadersLikeHer: Where would you like to have an impact and how?


    Anna Belardinelli: I would like to have an impact in general in my work, to have the feeling that what I do matters and can be relevant to others. In this sense, I'd like to have an impact on my students; getting them interested in the matters I teach, especially if this can encourage girls to get into research or stay in STEM fields. I wish I'd had more female professors during my Computer Engineering studies. But, of course, I'd like to have an impact in my field of research as well, possibly contributing results that can advance the state of the art and be used in real technological applications.



    LeadersLikeHer: What is the greatest challenge in your work?


    Anna Belardinelli: The greatest challenge is actually staying in this line of work. Getting a tenure can be very difficult and, even after that, besides doing the work, one has to find the funding to sustain it. It can also be rather challenging to balance work and private life. Still, if one manages to deal with all that, it can be very rewarding.